of gnocchi

The quest for quality

The quest for quality is part and parcel and added value of our company philosophy. Our in-house quality office carries out more than 50 chemical, physical and sensory tests on our products every day. Besides, the activity of R&D runs parallel to create new healthy recipes, like in the case of gluten-free, organic and organic gluten-free products. The full commitment to quality and safety is proved by our food certifications, the guarantee of safe and healthy production.

The selection of ingredients

Carefully-chosen ingredients for perfect gnocchi

Carefully-chosen ingredients for perfect gnocchi The daily attention to the selection of 100% Italian raw materials is the key to the high quality of our gnocchi. The genuine flavour of this traditional dish is due to fresh potatoes being kneaded with hot water, thus creating a velvety and smooth product, with a light and soft texture.

Tasty and healthy

Achieving excellence and offering our customers a good product which makes them feel good have always been at the core of our business. The perseverance in maintaining high quality standards and the special attention devoted to R&D allow us to produce on a large scale a traditionally homemade product by preserving its original taste and ensuring higher levels of food safety.

Ingredients and technology

Carefully-sourced raw materials, special attention to the entire production process, cutting-edge technology translate into gnocchi with a soft texture, yellow colour and natural taste.

Our certifications

The most important certifications prove our total commitment to ensuring food quality and safety throughout the years.


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