Deep-Frozen Potato Gnocchi – 500g

Deep-Frozen Potato Gnocchi

Deep- Frozen Potato Gnocchi are made with the best potatoes. Each ingredient has been selected to keep intact the genuine flavor of this Italian tradition and to be able to offer an innovative and practical product that is always available when needed.


Rehydrated potatoes 80%, wheat flour “00”, potato starch, rice flour, salt, natural flavouring.



only the best potatoes

healthy and genuine

immediately frozen


Have you ever thought of opening the freezer and… finding a packet of potato gnocchi? We do! Frozen potato gnocchi are born from the desire on the part of Ciemme Alimentari to offer consumers an innovative, healthy and genuine product. Ready in just 7 minutes in a pan, they are ready to be seasoned as you want!


Frozen potato gnocchi are made with few ingredients to maintain the authentic taste: the best potatoes, water and flour. The raw material is essential which is why we at Ciemme Alimentari choose only the best potatoes. The result is a very high quality product, with a soft and full-bodied consistency, straw yellow color, delicate potato flavor. The frozen gnocchi are without preservatives, without additives, without flavorings and without added salt. They are also Vegan certified.


We at Ciemme Alimentari only produce potato gnocchi, which is why we specialize in different categories of this product. In addition to traditional gnocchi, we have gluten free, organic and stuffed gnocchi.


Potato gnocchi are a pillar of our Italian gastronomy and their preparation is widespread all over the world. They lend themselves to first courses with simple condiments, such as butter and silvia, and tasty, such as meat sauces and basil pesto. They are quick to prepare and are loved by young and old. A perfect recipe for these gnocchi is with fontina. The origins of gnocchi date back to 1500, when potatoes began to be imported from America. For a long time, gnocchi were prepared with breadcrumbs, milk and chopped almonds: a very different recipe from today. It was only towards the end of the 1800s that the classic recipe was recognized in Italy, thus distinguishing itself from the other equally well-known and appreciated variants.

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